ACG's strength is based mainly on :


  • 1.     Assuring the good performance and experience of the personnel before the good quality of the goods and services.
  • 2.     Good Capital to support big projects  strongly .
  • 3.     Professional Staff with Long Experience & Wide Knowledge with Bsc certificates in Commerce besides Electrical, Mechanical and Electronic Engineering from well  known universities in addition to training certificates from international firms.
  • 4.     Big number of available engineers and technical staff who can handle big projects in a short time
  • 5.     Big Existing Stock of the adopted brands together with their spare parts.
  • 6.     Main Office, Branches, many Selling Centers, Showrooms, Salesmen, sub-distributors besides most Modern means of Marketing (exhibitions, seminars, newspapers,..
  • 7.     Adopting the principle of assuring the continuity of our systems by good quality of the goods and good service after sales supported by original spare parts and trained teams. 8- Good and long friendly communications with the customers.