With long successful history in various sectors especially CCTV and communications systems supported by long experience and wide knowledge of the company staff including certificates in Commercial, Electrical, Mechanical and Electronic Engineering in addition to training certificates from International firms in Fire and Safety, Communications, Quality (e.g.BS Institute for ISO 9000), we are always ready to answer questions and suggest solutions free of charge especially for our customers.

Also, being the exclusive distributors of the International manufacturers with good name for more than twenty five years (e.g.Merit Lilin) and International producer for Hi Tech remote monitoring and control of CCTV and related security items (such as TeleEye Group) with offices in USA, UK, France, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, etc. for both Manufacturers, we give the practical solutions and supply the most suitable services especially because we have stock of spare parts and trained technicians in addition to daily contact with the manufacturer's engineers and research departments.