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Al-Alameya Security guards and the transfer of funds

Al-alameya Group For Seurity Guard under the license issued by the Ministry of the Interior - Public Security - No. 423, the first category 1000 security guard (men / women) and its sister company the International Company for the transfer of funds under License No. 41

The establishment of the company comes within the framework of the general plan of the group of international companies that seek to lead by providing integrated solutions in the field of building escorts, private civil guards, safe transport services, risk management, surveillance, protection, studies and specialized security consultations.

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Our Vision

Leading the public and private sector security services by providing comprehensive solutions at high quality and cost.

Our Mision

Providing our services with high professionalism and harnessing our abilities and capabilities to meet the requirements of our customers,

Our Values

Commitment and trust - Teamwork - Quality and safety - Customer satisfaction - Continuous development - Social responsibility - Ethics of professional conduct.

Discover Our Services

Security Guard

Security Guard

We have a team specializing in Business management security and high level of security Professional and technical performance and is characterized by his security leadership Selected from those who previously worked in the Ministry of the Interior

Transfer of funds & metals

Transfer of funds and precious metals

The company provides services for the transfer of funds, metals and precious commodities on behalf of its corporate and individual customers by armored vehicles equipped with the latest protection and monitoring devices

Security and safety Systems

Security and safety Systems

The company provides international security escorts and transportation Money Services Integrated Solutions Collaboration With its sister company Global Industries To provide monitoring and protection wo

Consulting Services

Consulting Services

Progress The company's security assessment service for installations and identification Needs of hardware, individuals and development Actions that help reduce risk

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Leadership in public and private sector security services
  • Doing business and delivering services with global quality standards
  • Recruit, develop and maintain the best human competencies
  • Create a working environment for employees and foster a sense of responsibility
  • Achieving continued profitability and growth in the volume of our business and services
  • Contribute to community service and build community initiatives

Why Choose Al-alameya

Safety, Occupational health and quality

Our concept of excellence and excellence is based on the provision of services and the implementation of work in accordance with international quality standards, while providing a good working environment and maintaining the safety and health of employees

Human Resource

Human Resources is our real strength and we have a clear vision that sets the needs and requirements of our customers in the first place, so we always seek to employ the competent and competent individuals, supervisors, managers and consultants in accordance with a system that integrates the knowledge and experience acquired according to the requirements of the future

Vehicles and equipment

The company has a large and modern fleet of security vehicles, which are equipped according to the tasks assigned to them in the projects, so our experts are working on the readiness of cars to perform its tasks efficiently through the processing of modern devices to achieve the highest degrees of safety and communication and monitoring and dealing with emergency conditions.

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