About Us

ACG Maintenance Department is one of the most powerful and distinguished poles of the group in the whole kingdom with its professional teams lead by trained persons in the suppliers factories and supported by modern tools & equipment together with a good stock of original spare parts which enable the department to satisfy the client’s queries in the suitable time and location

There are fixed workshops in the main cities viz. Riyadh, Dammam, Madinah and Khames Mushait …etc. with a central workshop in Jeddah where the main office is. There are also mobile teams by vans carrying ladders, tools and spare parts to carry out the possible repairs in the customer’s location and send the items which need major repairs or need special measurements /calibrations to the central workshop.

It is worth mentioning to say that the geographical distribution of the maintenance workshops together with the good number of ready and honest mobile teams besides the available spare parts and tools have enabled ACG Maintenance Dept. to sign numerous maintenance contracts with important governmental departments and private companies including biggest hospitals, factories and banks besides biggest companies which have hundreds of branches all-over the kingdom.